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Greensky Bluegrass

Jan 10, 2011






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Photo by Steve Bowman



Greensky Bluegrass is a bluegrass band from Michigan whose name hints at the psychedelic undertones that playfully color their music. They are a five-piece acoustic group whose lively performances have stirred up bluegrass fans across the country. When I arrived at the High Noon Saloon they were just getting started with the sound check and I could tell immediately they were my kind of music; my toes started tapping, my hips swaying, and my heels stomping to the down-home, hay stack, bluegrass sound I so fervently love! 

~ Erika



The Insider Sessions are inspired by the emotion, power, and soul that go into one simple song. The aim is to get closer and more personal to the music and the art. The acoustic sound, I believe, is perfect for this. It allows you to hear only instruments, only voice, no background fuzz, and nothing channeling the music but our own ears. The artists will choose their own place to play; sometimes in a van or a tour bus, in the green rooms back stage, sometimes simply in an alley or a parking lot; either way each session is authentic and personal. Watch. Listen. Download. Enjoy! 



Erika Iverson is a Music reporter for She is definitely a music fanatic who has intimate knowledge of, and passion for almost all genres. Some of her older favorite artists include Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Bill Withers, The Who, The Doors, Buddy Guy, Cher, and Stevie Nicks, to name only a few. Other passions include going on adventures, eating healthy, studying philosophy, backpacking with her dad, and shopping with her mom.   

Thanks for posting this vid. We'll take anything Greensky!!

salenakee | Nov 12, 2010 7:22 PM
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