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November 2009

Nov 27
November 27
Giving thanks

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Nov 5
November 5
The third dimension

On any given weekday around lunchtime, downtown Des Moines is bustling. Of course, you can’t see it from the street. All the action is up three stories high. 


October 2009

Oct 28
October 28
Just get 'em here

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Oct 21
October 21
At least we're not California
This has been a rough couple of weeks for Iowa. The mucky budget is front and center in the mind of the local media and anyone affiliated with state government. I happen to deal with both, and, I keep coming back to this: At least we’re not California. 


Oct 14
October 14
A triumvirate of food experiences in Des Moines

This past weekend, my taste buds had the pleasure of encountering spices and textures normally reserved for travels outside of Iowa, and even outside the country. 

Oct 8
October 8
An Iowa Moment

By Shoshana Hebshi 


September 2009

Sep 30
September 30
The gentrification of Sherman Hill has been on my mind

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Sep 22
September 22
Des Moines: the new Hollywood?

 Last weekend, I was strolling through the annual Beaverdale Fall Festival, and there was Peter Fonda. And a full-on film crew. 

Sep 15
September 15
Fall is in the air

My indefatigable neighbor, a 73-year-old retired Marine and Army man, serves as our local forecaster. He regularly consults the almanac and spends a good portion of each day watching cable news and The Weather Channel. We have come to trust his predictions, and last week he told us it would be a long, cold winter. 

Sep 9
September 9
Infighting: Rivalry in the corn

This Saturday marks the much-anticipated football matchup between the beloved Iowa Hawkeyes and the beloved Iowa State Cyclones. 

Sep 1
September 1
Share the Road

By Shoshana Hebshi 


August 2009

Aug 25
August 25
A day in the life of Iowa

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Aug 18
August 18
Golden Goose Egg

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Aug 11
August 11
Fair time at last

Before my family and I moved to Iowa three years ago, I was encouraged by a co-worker back in California to take full advantage of the Iowa State Fair. 

Aug 5
August 5
Working builds character

By Shoshana Hebshi 


July 2009

Jul 28
July 28
Outsider on the Inside: Gossip column

I don’t want to be a cyber gossip, but I can’t help it. What I have to divulge may not even be considered gossip. Are rumors gossip? I will call it expounding on a rumor. Now brace yourself, this is a doozie. 

Jul 22
July 22
Our two-wheeled friends

In honor of RAGBRAI—The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa—pedaling through south-central Iowa this week, I will focus this week’s column on bicycles and things I don’t understand. 

Jul 14
July 14
Ants among us
For the last month or so I have been battling a carpenter ant infestation. These critters are amazingly resilient to my attempts to eradicate them, and they have managed to build a nest in the roof wood above my kitchen.


Jul 8
July 8
Sounding the newspaper death knell

By Shoshana Hebshi 

Jul 3
July 3
Changing artscape

It was a perfect day in Iowa. Sunshine, slight breeze, live local music, ample space to sprawl out on the green grass, local beer, and all of it surrounded by art. 


June 2009

Jun 26
June 26
Picket Fence Creamery: Bucking the milk trend

I feel good supporting a business that is an endangered species. I am making a statement that it is important for my family and me to invest in quality, local products, even though it may cost a dollar or so more at the checkout stand. 

Jun 24
June 24
Outsider on the Inside: Ways to Cool Off

Since I moved here from California three years ago almost to the day, I have learned how, when living in Iowa, not only does the weather dictate your life, but also you must plan ahead. That means, hourly checking of the weather online. And, even when the icon shows clear skies in the current forecast, it could be raining outside in real time. 

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