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A view of the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. In the foreground is the Pioneer Statuary Group, which depicts a father and son in search of an Iowa home, guided by a Native American. Designed by John C. Cochrane and Alfred H. Piquenard and constructed between 1871 and 1886, the French Baroque Revival building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Photograph © Stan Brewer 

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Posted 06/19/15
By Michael Krull
Posted 06/19/15
By Steffen Schmidt
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By Michael Krull
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By Steffen Schmidt
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By Tim Goldrick
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By Steffen Schmidt
Dr. Politics

The Road to the White House 2016

By Steffen Schmidt 

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Steffen W. Schmidt is a University Professor of Political Science and Public Policy (also Coastal Zone Management) at Iowa State University, an affiliate of Nova Oceanographic Center, the author of 11 books, he has more than 40 years analyzing the Iowa Caucuses, is a Des Moines Register blogger, a CNN en Español analyst and commentator and is the Chief Political Correspondent of 

Michael Krull

The Real State of the Union   

By Michael Krull

President Obama used the recent State of the Union address to laud his polices and programs and to suggest that the Congress enact more of the same. Where Congress would not act, the president said that he would make changes via executive action. In earlier trial balloon phrasing, he said that he would use his “pen and phone” to advance his policies. The president may have a pen and a phone, but “We the People” have a Constitution. MORE

Michael Krull is a graduate of Luther College and Iowa State University. He has worked on disaster relief for the State Department, a major Washington, DC public relations and political consulting firm, a think tank, and is a member of the Council on Emerging National Security Affairs.  He is currently a professor of politics, media, public policy and international affairs at Georgetown University, as well as co-founder and principal of the business information company Resilient Corporation. 

Blair Boehm

Climate Change Denial: A Confusing Proposition   

By Blair Boehm
Climate change has once again been catapulted into the national conversation in an effort to stem the tide of already catastrophic changes to our environment. The president’s state of the union assertion followed on the heels of a Congressional hearing over this administration’s climate policy and another impending fight over the Keystone XL pipeline.  With an ever increasing number of partisan divisions in the country this takes the prize as the most ridiculous and seems to represent pure political aspiration mixed with classic lobbying to create and sustain a denial movement that truly does threaten the planet. MORE
Blair Boehm attended Iowa State University where he accumulated a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Public Administration. He has worked in a variety of capacities including legal, accounting, mortgage lending and as a research assistant for Dr. Politics. Boehm lives in the Twin Cities where he is working with a local nonprofit, MusicWorks Minnesota, as a board member and consultant. 
Jim Hightower

Breeding Superbugs   

The more we use antibiotics, the less effective they become.

By Jim Hightower

Can antibiotic medicines, long hailed as miracle drugs, be too much of a good thing? Yes. Two factors are at work here. First, bacteria (one of the earliest forms of life on Earth) are miracles in their own right, with a stunning ability to outsmart the antibiotic drugs through rapid evolution. Second is the rather dull inclination of us supposedly superior humans to overuse and misuse antibiotic drugs. Sometimes, when we take an antibiotic to kill some bad bacteria that’s infecting our bodies, a few of the infectious germs are naturally resistant to the drug. They can survive, multiply, and become a colony of Superbugs that antibiotics can’t touch. MORE

Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. 

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